Guardian Warrior
Concept Car [Toy Review]
"The Battle for Gobotron"
66 [Ever-Present]
VOICE ACTOR: Arthur Burghardt

Shortly after the first Renegade revolt, Turbo was serving as a miner on the Guardians' quarry planet, Garleon. Renegades raided the facility and nearly overwhelmed the Guardian security, but Turbo intervened by saving High Protector Leader-1 from being crushed by falling machinery. He then helped drive off the attackers, and was feted as a hero on his return to Gobotron. Shortly afterwards, he joined the Guardians.

Strong, fast and gruff, Turbo would become Leader-1's right hand Gobot, providing the muscle for most of their missions together. He was very protective of smaller Guardians and other lifeforms. Turbo would develop a friendship with Scooter, and seemed to pretty much accept that his diminutive team mate was several times smarter. Indeed, Turbo had relatively low intelligence for a Guardian, making up for it with his bravado. He would get to show some guile during the Guardians' first trip to Earth, where he and Scooter were the only beings on the planet not in Cy-Kill's thrall, but eventually managed to resuce Leader-1 and help save the day. He formed a strong bond with the young UNECOM cadet AJ Foster.

Turbo would then be a consistent presence onboard the Command Center, backing Leader-1 up in frequent tussles with Cy-Kill. He developed a particular rivalry with Crasher, the pair inevitably ending up battling in any confrontation. Turbo's bravery and resourcefulness saved the day on many occasions, including when he managed to pilot a crippled Command Center full of Guardians to Earth when Cy-Kill invaded Gobotron, saving them from a Renegade plot during projected peace talks in Vienna, uncovering the duplicity of Royal-T and Street Heat on Elba and helping defeat Magmar and Cy-Kill on Cordax.

Apart from his pedestrian intellect, Turbo's only significant weakness was his habit of taking on vast odds, often without back-up. He was badly damaged by Cy-Kill on arrival on Earth, and was once more injured trying to prevent Fitor and the Renegade leader from escaping. Later he was badly wounded tackling one of Cy-Kill's electromagnetic scanners, and only the timely intervention from two humans saved his life.

Turbo appeared in the following episodes:

"The Battle for Gobotron", "Target Earth", "Conquest of Earth", "Earthbound", "The Final Conflict", "Cy-Kill's Escape", "Quest for the Creator", "The Fall of Gobotron", "Flight to Earth", "Return to Gobotron", "Time Wars", "Renegade Alliance", "Genius and Son", "Dawn World", "Forced Alliance", "Invasion from the 21st Level Part I", "Invasion from the 21st Level Part II", "Lost on Gobotron", "Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray", "Quest for Roguestar", "Renegade Rampage Part I", "Renegade Rampage Part II", "Ultra Zod", "Sentinel", "Cold Spell", "Auto-Madic", "Tarnished Image", "In Search of Ancient Gobonauts", "Gameworld", "Wolf in the Fold", "Depth Charge", "Nova Beam", "Transfer Point", "Steamer's Defection", "The Gobot Who Cried Renegade", "The Seer", "Whiz Kid", "Pacific Overtures", "Destroy All Guardians", "Escape from Elba", "Clutch of Doom", "The Third Column", "A New Suit for Leader-1", "Renegade Carnival", "The Gift", "The Last Magic Man", "Braxis Goes Bonkers", "Inside Job", "Fitor to the Finish", "Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap", "Doppelganger", "Trident's Triple Threat", "Speed is of the Essence", "Crime Wave", "Scooter Enhanced", "Ring of Fire", "Element of Danger", "It's the Thought That Counts", "The Gobots That Time Forgot", "Guardian Academy", "Quest for New Earth", "The Secret of Halley's Comet", "Terror in Atlantis", "Et Tu, Cy-Kill", "Mission Gobotron", Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords